Online and Offline: we do Ethnography

Online and Offline is a social research company focused in Ethnography, both in real space and online.

We go where the events that are interesting to our client take place; there we register the meaningful values and attitudes of the people involved, openly and without any kind of barriers towards them. We observe and ask to the users about the products and services that are important for our client. Such information is enriched with the context in which it is generated: where and when it is generated.

Where? At a coffee shop, office or workplace, or brand office or store. Or in a forum, social network or other kinds of social web. We adapt ourselves to the timing, rules and local culture of each space, both offline and online. Ethnographic methodology and the tools we have developed allow us to harness the mighty torrent of information obtained (especially if it comes from an online space), and we synthetize it into patterns and practices related with the brand image, products and services and the segment in which the organization works along with his competition.

If you need to know what your users think of your brand or your products or services and you need that information to be spontaneous and solvent, contact us.

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